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Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering

ADVANCE Advocates and Allies

What is it?

This core group of male faculty members serves as advocates for diversity and inclusivity on campus and in their units. They were trained by North Dakota State faculty for this role, and meet regularly. The ADVANCE Advocates are the center of planning and outreach for a larger network of male Allies.

Why do it?

The advocacy group is an effective way to draw men into change efforts and empower them to move from bystanders to active participants in institutional change and gender equity goals.

Why it is important?

If we expect people to be part of the change, we need to equip and support them. Rather than remaining bystanders when inequality is perpetuated within their units, the Advocates and Allies are trained and empowered to intervene.

How to do it:

video [Forthcoming]

For more information:

If you’re interested in us coming to your campus to provide this training, contact Duncan Lorimer at

More information about the WVU ADVANCE Advocates can be found at or by emailing

More information about the North Dakota State FORWARD Advocates and Allies can be found at

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Call us at (304) 293-0270
Fax us at (304) 293-0281
Visit us at 287 Chemistry Research Lab
Send us mail at PO Box 6691
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