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Chair Development: Selection, Evaluation, Training, and Support

  1. Empirical Foundations Longitudinal study
    • Chairs & Deans at public research universities
    • 3 years completed
    • >2000 total participants
    • Comprehensive study of leader preparation, skills, supports, burnout, etc.
    • Year 4 data collection begins in November
    • Staff study began 2016
    • >1000 participants
    • Staff job satisfaction and burnout were predicted by chair’s leadership skills
    • Expand to include faculty
  2. Developed Roles and Responsibilities Document for ECAS Chairs 2015-2016
    • Covers core areas for portfolio and evaluation
    • Enhances breadth and consistency of feedback
    • Develop Chair’s Handbook

    Piloted new model for chair search committee 2016

    • Enhanced consideration of leadership and management skills
  3. Individual Coaching Sessions
    • Began working with 4 Chairs 2015-2016; cohort continues 3 years
    • 2 new chairs added for 2016-2017
    • Sessions occur bi-weekly during first year of term; then monthly
    • Continue adding ECAS cohorts yearly
    • Expand services to other Colleges
    • Identify additional future coaches and work within vertical team model
  4. Assessment
    • Conducted self-assessments with all chairs in individual coaching program (leadership, management, self-regulation)
    • Piloted 360-assessment with one social science unit in Fall 2015; repeated Spring 2016
    • Implement 360-assessments for all chairs. This may be done annually or at end of first year of term and prior to reappointment.
    • Assessments can be tailored to meet interests of individual colleges or units.