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Melissa Latimer, Ph.D.

WVU Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Culture

Melissa Latimer

WVU Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Culture

A professor of sociology, Latimer has directed the WVU ADVANCE Center since she was instrumental in securing an NSF ADVANCE grant for the university in 2010. As the Center has transitioned from an externally-funded to internally-supported unit, Latimer has expanded her mission to address unconscious bias in the search process, departmental culture and leadership training consistent with best practices in diversity. She and her team have also developed a rigorous professional development curriculum that they have delivered at institutions nationally.

Dr. Latimer will oversee the people, policies and practices that foster transformative mindsets at all levels. She will focus specifically on recognition and rewards for academic personnel; academic leadership development, recruitment and training; and initiatives that promote a diverse and inclusive culture.

“This position is a natural next step in addressing the needs of academic personnel at a large, complex land grant university in the 21st century,” Reed said. “Dr. Latimer brings highly relevant experience to the role, and she is committed to the creation of a supportive, engaging and inclusive faculty culture.

Watch Melissa Latimer balances science and music.