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Faculty Equity

The following are a list of resources that help ensure the inclusion and success of all faculty at our institution (i.e., create a supportive academic culture that focuses on empowerment and success). They address specific features of academic environments (structures, cultures, practices, etc.) that have been associated with increased hiring, retention, and promotion of underrepresented faculty.

Advocate and Allies

Looking for a group of male faculty engaged in building, promoting and sustaining an equitable university for people of all genders?

Here they are

Child/Family Resources

The list includes a variety of child care options in Morgantown, a financial assistance program for child care costs, lists of local events/programs and support groups as well as a virtual parental networking system.

Child/Family Resources

Evaluating Interdisciplinary Faculty

See a sample document that utilizes “best practices” for evaluating faculty engaged in interdisciplinary work.

Best practices

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

NCFDD is an independent faculty development center that provides training, mentoring, and supportive communities for faculty, graduate students, and post-docs across the institution. Check out their resources including professional development training focused on increasing productivity, an intense and reliable support network of highly trained and successful mentors, and a number of other informative webcasts.

NCFDD Resources

Faculty Family Travel Fund

The Faculty Family Travel Fund was designed to remove travel-related barriers to the professional advancement of faculty and postdoctoral scholars who have substantial childcare, eldercare, or other dependent care responsibilities.

Faculty Family Travel Fund

Women's Leadership Initiative

The Women’s Leadership Initiative is housed under the ADVANCE Center and was created to address the underrepresentation of women in faculty and leadership positions. The Center also offers workshops for leadership development, professional network building, and other career skills. Check out our campus wide program for empowering and engaging women.

See our program

Work Life Integration Support

Members of our ADVANCE team are engaged in creating and disseminating policies that provide support for work-life fit for all faculty. These policies are intimately linked with faculty satisfaction and retention. Most of the initiatives focus on promoting departmental and institutional flexibility and include a procedure for parental work assignment after the birth/adoption/guardianship of a child, expanding dual career opportunities, child care resources, lactation support, etc.

Read policies