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Building Your Own Women's Leadership Initiative

About the Initiative

The Women’s Leadership Initiative was designed by members of the West Virginia University community as a method for providing executive leadership training for internal members of our community including high-level administrators, faculty and staff. Research on our training suggests increased engagement, increased networking and a greater sense of community. To date, we have trained nearly 200 women on our campus.

Our trainings are conducted by academically qualified individuals in various disciplines including: Psychology, Accounting, and Sociology. The seminars have been designed for academic audiences to include discussion of theory as well as content-specific application techniques.

Our program is modular and can provide cost-effective leadership training for your academic unit in a multi-day or single-module course. This flexibility allows for maximum return on an institution’s investment, while providing tailored academically rigorous modules to your constituents.

Hiring our Consultants to work with your group

We continue to develop new modules at present; we have modules ready for delivery in the areas of negotiation and communication. The delivery times range from 4-16 hours of in class material and can be arranged on contiguous days or individually offered.

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