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Dialogues — Facilitating Faculty Groups

Dialogues—Facilitating Faculty Groups

The Dialogues technique was invented by the Executive Director and senior staff members at the West Virginia University ADVANCE Center 1 as the method for increasing the channels of positive conversation within departments whose historic demographic makeup has been disparate. Dialogues is a method for creating a dynamic, diverse and inclusive workplace where the development of individuals, innovation, and cohesive teams are fostered. To date, the ADVANCE team has worked with 18 departments on the WVU campus and the Dialogues program has been product tested at three land grant Universities throughout the US.

Our trainings and facilitations are conducted by Master Trainers holding Doctorates in various disciplines including: Sociology, Public Administration, Biology, and Business Administration. The seminars have been designed for dissemination within the Academy and ensure appropriate integration not only of techniques but also of the reasoning and theory behind them. No other known facilitation training is designed for application in the academy and the translation of other training programs from a business environment may lack components that are critical for academic participants.

Hiring our Facilitators to work with your group

Prolonged or modified engagement with a specific academic unit to use the Dialogues process to create a specific product (i.e., a new mentoring plan, strategic plan, a faculty relations and governance document, etc.). The time involved and number of contacts with the unit are contingent on the desired final outcome of the work.

Hiring our Master Trainers to teach you Facilitation

Introduction to Facilitation (90 minute workshop): An interactive training designed to initially introduce individuals to facilitation skills that can be used to Engaging colleagues in generating ideas, identifying actionable priorities, and fostering understanding, collegiality, trust, and inclusion.

Modified Facilitation Skills Training (1.5 days): An example of this training and preparing faculty to run implicit bias workshops for their campuses (Oklahoma State University).

Master Facilitator Training: Three day training designed to train other faculty to be facilitators (North Dakota State University, Montana State University, and West Virginia University).

1 The National Science Foundation has established the ADVANCE program to increase the representation and advancement of women in academic science and engineering careers, thereby contributing to the development of a more diverse science and engineering workforce.

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