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Department Dialogues

What is it?

The Dialogues process changes the conversation by modeling and building departmental collegiality. Led by trained faculty facilitators, each participating department is guided through a series of discussions and tasks toward a strategic action.

Why do it?

The Dialogues process improves faculty perceptions of the department climate and their ability to work together. Working toward a mutually beneficially goal encourages inclusive and participatory behaviors that build collegiality.

Why it is important?

Collegial department climates promote women’s recruitment, promotion, and retention, particularly in STEM fields. The Dialogues process improves the workplace environment for all faculty members by encouraging consensus-building practices, which aids in the retention of high-quality scholars and improved productivity of the unit.

How to do it

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If you’re interested in us coming to your campus to train you or facilitate this process, contact Melissa Latimer at or (304) 293-0278.