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Cathy Jasper

Cathy Jasper

Executive Assistant to the Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Culture and the Associate Provost for Academic Personnel

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Team Takes on Cathy:

Conveys the spirit of ADVANCE and projects it externally and how she feels internally

Proactively assesses needs of the ADVANCE Team and the constituencies the ADVANCE Center serves

Thinks strategically about how to get things done by building institutional networks

High capacity to connect with individuals to achieve strategic results

Recognizes hierarchies and yet connects with people as humans

Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

—Muhammad Ali

Contributions to the team:

As program coordinator and expert in human relations, Cathy’s positive organizational citizenship paired with her efficiency and competency to create events reflects the personal connection she embraces in her relationships. Proactive and strategic, Cathy facilitates the logistical arrangements that smooth the Team’s daily work. Her positivity, commitment, and practical nurturance permeate her efforts to build valuable institutional networks. Cathy’s smile and disposition conveys the spirit of the Team.