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What does WVU ADVANCE do for Faculty?

  1. Supportive academic culture: Our team regularly engages with chairs, departmental leaders, and faculty to create a departmental culture of respect where all faculty can thrive and be successful. For our ADVANCE Speaker Series, we invite nationally known scholars to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusivity on scholarship, teaching, and outreach.
  2. Institutional policies and practices: Our ADVANCE team works to review, revise, and increase the transparency and effective implementation of recruitment, promotion, and tenure policies.
  3. Addressing the underrepresentation of women in faculty and leadership positions: Our ADVANCE team works with search committees to improve faculty recruitment. The focus is on understanding the impact of unconscious bias on candidate selection and providing discipline specific strategies that will diversify hiring pools. The Women’s Leadership Initiative is housed under the ADVANCE Center. The Center also offers workshops for leadership development, professional network building, and other career skills.
  4. Support for work-life satisfaction: Members of our ADVANCE team are engaged in creating and disseminating policies that provide support for work-life fit for all faculty. These policies are intimately linked with faculty satisfaction and retention. Most of the initiatives focus on promoting departmental and institutional flexibility and include a procedure for parental work assignment after the birth/adoption/guardianship of a child, expanding dual career opportunities, child care resources, lactation support, dependent tuition waivers, domestic partnership benefits, etc.
  5. Career support such as mentoring and leadership training: The ADVANCE Sponsorship Program has fostered career development through external mentoring relationships by pairing WVU faculty members (8-10 per year) with mentors who are leaders in their fields to support collaborations on clearly identified projects with outcomes that provide significant career advancement opportunities for our faculty.
  6. Systematic data collection: Personnel at the ADVANCE Center regularly collect a variety of institutional data to document and report organizational trends, identify specific faculty needs, assess the impact of new policies, and detect new issues that may arise.
  7. Addressing issues as they arise: Our team is committed to supporting an inclusive climate at WVU. We are available to assist individual faculty or administrative units and help them identify resources to support their success. If you require assistance, please contact us.

Our Process

The WVU ADVANCE Center for research and practice in faculty and leadership development — Enhancing our institutional capacity by engaging faculty groups, faculty members, and faculty leaders.