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Christine E. Kunkle

Christine Rittenour

Professor Communication Studies Department
Faculty Associate, Women's and Gender Studies
Master Facilitator

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Team Takes on Christine:

Overwhelmingly positive while recognizing the realities of the world

Situates the ADVANCE work in the communication field, thereby integrating and expanding the Team's reach

Magnetic approach to engaging with people and ideas

Approachable and inviting by conveying peace and calm to create a welcoming environment

Love fiercely. . . always and to all

Contributions to the team:

Christy has a magnetic approach to engaging with people and ideas. Her passion for matters of social justice and equity transpires her teaching, research, and humanity. Her scholarship in the communication field has proven to be essential for the success of WVU ADVANCE Center initiatives, courses, and workshops. Christy is subversive in her sweetness and that has a power to it!

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