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THE WVU ADVANCE Center supports faculty, graduate students and WVU leaders through various services, offering customized support depending on each individual’s or group’s needs.

  • The Dialogues process focuses on team building and department level climate.
  • The Change Agent Course prepares participants for social justice leadership across the University.
  • National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity professional development resources for faculty, graduate students and leaders.
  • Customized consultations.

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Are you a chair or unit leader seeking to improve communication, collaboration and overall job satisfaction in your department, unit or group? Looking for a stronger organizational climate and culture? Need help solving an internal problem?

Read More: Dialogues

Change Agent Course

Are you interested in becoming part of a growing network ready to engage in a personal and institutional transformation? Are you ready to become a social justice leader?

Read More: Change Agent Course

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

Are you looking for tailored resources that offer professional development, training and mentoring community for faculty, postdocs and graduate students from over 450 colleges and universities. Gain free access!

Read More: National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

Individualized Consultations

Are you hoping to mentor others, seeking mentorship services yourself, or wanting to understand how to meet the needs of diverse faculty and graduate students?

Read More: Individualized Consultations